XTherapy is not a gym — we’re more than another fitness program in Edmonton. We’re a collective studio of like-minded individuals dedicated to nourishing our mind, body, and soul through movement. Whether you’re an elite athlete or just getting started on your fitness journey, you’re joining a community of people who want to uplift each other to new heights.

Choose a therapy below and join us! Reserve a spot today by calling us at 780-905-9897 or:


XTherapy is not a gym. We offer an experience within a community that will help strengthen your mind body, and soul. Choose a therapy below and join us! Reserve today by calling us at 780-905-9897 or:


Our boutique fitness studio in the heart of the city provides a comfortable, friendly, and motivating environment to support your health journey. We’re more than a fitness centre and more than your average yoga centre in Edmonton. Jump into a class and feel fueled by your community to help you accomplish more than you’ve ever imagined towards your fitness goals.


Experience our full-body RIDE that will uplift your mind and get your heart pumping. The RIDE is in a candlelit room to the beat of the music you can feel in your bones. These classes are an excellent high-intensity workout with low impact on your joints.


Small but mighty movements will have your thighs shaking and a huge smile on your face as you work on balance, flexibility, and strength in your micro muscles. Barre combines ballet, pilates, and functional movement exercises for a fun and dynamic class.


Our signature High-Intensity Interval Training burns maximum calories in a short amount of time. Maximize your metabolic rate after your exercise, build strength, and improve your muscle recovery. Our HIIT classes are the right amount challenging and rewarding.


Our candle lit XTherapy yoga sessions are the perfect complement to our intense studio classes. These restorative-style yoga classes release tension and promote restoration through slow movements into deep yoga postures that improve flexibility.

More Than Your Fitness Studio

At XTherapy, we go beyond the premise of traditional weight loss programs in Edmonton. We create a fitness experience you’ll never forget. We believe that health isn’t just about the physical activities themselves — it’s a mindset.

We live by our mantra: WE CAN. WE WILL. WE ARE ENOUGH.

This mindset applies to any challenge you have inside or outside the studio, which is why we’re dedicated to supporting our fellow community members to embrace this attitude.

We have various group fitness classes to mix up your fitness routine — from Spin, HIIT, Yoga, and a Barre studio in Edmonton. There’s a class for everyone at XTherapy.

Our fitness classes are available for booking up to a week in advance or up to 30 minutes before class starts if there’s availability. To ensure you’ve got a spot in class, we recommend booking as soon as you can.

If you’re new to the studio, please arrive 15 minutes early to complete our member in-take form and tour the facility. We’re happy to welcome new members to XTherapy.


Come for your body. Stay for your mind.

XTherapy is not a gym. We offer an experience and community that nurtures your mind, body and soul. Our XTherapy community is always exploring new ways to engage, listen, and motivate our members to show up as their best selves — in both the studio and outside the studio, too.

We believe the only limits we have are those that we set on ourselves.

As a barre studio and yoga center in Edmonton, our community shows up for one another when needed.

Here are our five believes that drive our community members to show up as their best selves:

  • We believe in our potential.
  • We believe that growth happens outside our comfort zone.
  • We accept our imperfections.
  • We believe in creating friggin’ awesome experiences.
  • We live by our mantra: WE CAN. WE WILL. WE ARE ENOUGH.


The Sweat

Fostering a healthy lifestyle is more than breaking sweat at the gym. We believe a sweat session should EMPOWER our mind, spirit and our bodies. Our group fitness classes are a balance of cardio endurance, strength training, and increasing flexibility. We hit all three pillars to build a functional fitness foundation that helps you move and feel better in your own skin.

Part of crushing your fitness goals is in the heart poundin’, bone chillin’, and beat pumpin’ sweat session. During exercise, the challenges we face as excellent opportunities to push past the “I can’t” mentality to “I can.” It’s a mindset we can bring to everything we do in life.

At XTherapy, it’s your goals, your health and your choice.

XTherapy is more than a workout studio. This is EMPOWERMENT.


Our Why

XTherapy was built around the philosophy that we put our member’s health goals and experience at the center of what we do. Finding strength and empowerment is so much more than doing physical exercise. We sweat to find clarity and to find our power to grow into a better version of ourselves.

We created a fitness community because we believe exercise is a critical way to manage our emotions and grow into our best selves— and of course, we do it for the post-work-out glow.

Together we’ll push past our limits, set new goals, and crush those too.

Join The Community

Take the first steps in discovering the depths of your potential by pushing the boundaries of your physical, mental, and spiritual strength. Our members at XTherapy are here to support you every step of the way.