Director of First Impressions

XTHERAPY – Downtown Edmonton, Alberta
Part-time: $15/hr

We are looking for fun, high-energy, engaging individuals to help us kick it up a notch. We will be offering, indoor cycling,
barre, HIIT and yoga.

The position is for a front desk associate or as we like to call them, “DIRECTOR OF FIRST


How big is your smile? As the Director of First Impressions, you will be the first face our clients
see as you welcome them into the land of empowerment. Duties will include:

  • First and foremost turning all frowns upside down!
  • Greet all guests in a prompt, enthusiastic, but professional way to create a friendly positive
    entrance into the studio.
  • Provide high level customer service and hospitality to clients.
  • Provide support to clients to ensure a successful class check-in process, provide tours (if
    needed), and set up bikes for all new riders.
  • Maintain product knowledge for the studio promotions, packages, pricing,and retail items.
  • Perform all operational studio duties:
  • Mind the fitness studios pre and post workouts
  • Mind laundry and towels
  • Mind washrooms and showers
  • Retail inventory management
  • Miscellaneous projects


  1. Being part of a wicked team that loves to have fun, sweat and lift each other to new levels.
  2. Did we mention being part of an awesome tribe that puts out awesome vibes!
  3. Team sweat sessions at other studios (for free)!
  4. Being part of an amazing uplifting pack that work together to continuously improve to
    provide cutting edge workouts.
  5. Huge discounts on all our premium merch (and sometimes its totally free)!
  6. Being part of an amazing team, with an awesome attitude, that loves having fun and
    providing a vibrate uplifting energy to brighten all of our clients and fellow teammates day!
  7. Free workouts at the studio, and free passes to bring your friends!

By now you probably get how important our team is to us. Our team is everything, we practice what we preach! We move together as a pack in and out of the studio. We believe that our team is the only reason we will be successful. With this in mind, we only want team players that are open minded, that have great attitudes, that are energetic, that are outgoing, that are super happy and awesome to be around! If this is you…Getting onboard is super easy:

  • Step 1: Introduce Yourself – Send us and email with your resume, along with a 2 minute video
    or video link (see below), with “I WANT TO BE A DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS” in
    the subject, to , please indicate if you are looking for a part time or full time
    position and if you are interested in teaching any other class we are offering.
    In your 2-minute video, tell us who you are, what you love, what gets you excited and what gets
    you out of bed every morning. Remember its gotta be at least 2 minutes.
  • Step 2: In person interview
  • Step 3: Training – Get your “DIRECTOR OF FIRST IMPRESSIONS” cert.


Part-time: $15


We encourage anyone with an awesome attitude, a passion for music, a love for health and
fitness, someone that practices what they preach, and is a super happy individual to apply!

  • Must be a team player with the ability to work well with customers, teammates,and studio
  • Must be able to work quickly and efficiently in a fast-paced studio environment
  • Must have flexibility with his/her schedule–shifts may include early mornings, late evenings,
    weekends and/or holidays
  • Must have a positive attitude with a strong comprehension of customer service