The Best Barre Classes in Edmonton!

Our signature 60-minute BARRE class incorporates a sequence of ballet, pilates, strength, flexibility, mobility movements and micro movements as part of our all in one fitness class. By using the ballet barre, pilates ball, and resistance bands, you will dance and sweat as you build your strength and flexibility. Discover a whole body workout that challenges your muscles and your heart.

Don’t get it twisted- this isn’t your average dance class. This total body workout is intense and is guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body, especially your booty! In our barre studio in Downtown, we move together to the beat of the hottest music. We plie, we arabesque, we kick back and we fold. We push through the burn, the shake, and the give of our muscles, because our minds are stronger than our bodies. We move with grace as we push our limits, because with practice, there are none. No other barre class in Edmonton is as holistic.

Why Choose Our Barre Classes?

Our barre classes are taught by instructors who are passionate about dance and fitness. After WeBARREHard, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling absolutely electric. On top of being a cardio workout, we incorporate strength and flexibility to challenge multiple pillars of fitness. You will come out stronger than you came in.

We are ENOUGH.

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So when you’re ready to go hard, come down to our barre studio in Edmonton and start yourself on the path to becoming a stronger and more empowered version of yourself. If barre is not for you, we also have a bootcamp in Edmonton program. Our studio will get you sweating and mentally strong, so what are you waiting for? Book a class today.