Our Hot Yoga Classes in Edmonton

Our signature FLOW hot yoga class is a fast paced, full body, heat building vinyasa style flow to get you sweating hard. We make sure to cool down at the end with 5 minutes of meditation to finish session. This is not your normal yoga class, we are flowing to hip hop, RnB and the hottest beats. Our Edmonton yoga studio is intimate, dark, candlelit and Mysore style. This ensures we are able to help with adjustments and give you our full attention during your practice. With our intentions set, we get grounded, we get scared, we get strong, we become open… then we release, that beautiful being we are, as our mind and our body becomes one. Namaste.

Our Relaxing & Zen Yoga Classes

Our signature ZEN yoga class is designed to help you consciously induce a state of relaxation. During our restorative-style class, we take you through a series of postures with longer holds to help unlock hidden flexibility within the body. Combined with a guided meditation by our Therapist’s to promote a relaxed and restful state, we burn through discomfort in a posture in order to get to the comfort. We make sure our Edmonton studio is intimate, dark, candle lit…..and exactly what you need to complement all of your heat-building and high-intensity workouts.

As with all our fitness classes, we aim to provide a safe and nurturing community for everyone to meet their unique fitness goals. As a boutique yoga studio we have the luxury of providing our students with one on one assistance in our practice. Remember our mantra when you train:

We are ENOUGH.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

If you live in the Downtown Edmonton area, and want a Yoga studio that will make you sweat and transform into your best self, choose XTherapy. We offer two different types of Yoga so that you can pick the vibe you want, and aren’t limited in any way.Book online today and become part of the XTherapy community.