Why Choose XTherapy for HIIT in Edmonton?

Our signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class blends body weight, strength training, boxing, battle ropes, slam balls, wall balls and kettlebells into one dynamic, fat burning and muscle building workout. Think of it like circuit training – you will do everything. In this class, we don’t work on our own, we work in teams or with partners. We get in the work, but we have lots of fun. We get vulnerable, but we get fierce.

Like Bootcamp But Better

In our HIIT class, you can expect to be pushed to your limits. With awesome beats pounding and the motivation of your peers and your instructors, you will discover the champion you are. If you’re looking for a bootcamp in Edmonton, you’ve found your answer! We push you hard, and our HIIT class demands high endurance and perseverance, however, the message behind it all is just as important. We build a community of people who build each other up and empower each other. Are you prepared to live by our mantra?

We are ENOUGH.

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Our HIIT classes in Downtown Edmonton will make you sweat, find your power and be better. Book online oday, and start breaking your personal limits and become your best self.