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RIDE with us to unleash your inner warrior. Experience a fitness community in the heart of Edmonton at XTherapy. Together, we’ll strengthen our mind, body, and soul to handle whatever life throws our way.

Looking For a Spin Studio In Edmonton With The Right Vibe?

Whether you’re looking to meet your weight loss challenge in Edmonton or to stay conditioned, we’ll help you climb to new heights with a community that supports your health goals.

Our signature full-body RIDE includes drills to target the upper body, obliques, and core, led by a motivating instructor. At XTherapy, our group classes are about creating experiences that strengthen more than just your body. Together, we’ll work to push past the limits of what you believe you are capable of and strengthen your mind and spirit, too.

The RIDE takes place in a candlelit spin studio with uplifting music that’s pounding so hard, you’ll feel it in your heart and your bones.

We will be climbing. We will be meditating. We will be lifting. And we will be sprinting, all while we’re clipped into our high-performance spin bikes.

Spin classes are the perfect low-impact, high-intensity workouts. This means you’ll get a high-calorie burning workout while protecting the integrity of your joints.

Indoor Cycling Class That Will Make You Sweat

We love to ride our bikes outside — but that’s not always possible all-year round in Edmonton. Whether it’s the dead of winter or beautiful days in the summer, spin training is an excellent complement to your fitness regiment and reap the benefits of power and speed.

What makes RIDE unique to other fitness classes is that we ride united, to the beat of the music, while we break through our barriers by embracing the discomfort. This spin class will bring out the warrior within all of us.

The philosophy we hold at XTherapy is that there’s so much more to fitness and health than the physical body — a huge health component is having a strong mindset. At XTherapy, we cultivate this mindset by setting fitness challenges and crushing them together. We believe the energy and determination you bring to the studio carries with you throughout everything you do outside the studio.

We live by the mantra: We CAN. We WILL. We are ENOUGH.

RIDE isn’t just a spin class. It’s empowerment through movement. We believe in building a strong sense of community through support and motivation. We’re a community of Edmonton warriors!

What To Bring To Your First RIDE Class

Ready to SWEAT with us?

Put on a workout fit that makes you feel confident, and grab your water bottle. Try to arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class starts so that we can set you up with clip-in cycling shoes and adjust the stationary bike to your comfort.

We’ll provide the weights, towels to dry you off, and the music and motivation to keep you going.

We RIDE together to the pace of the music, but you’re welcome to adjust the resistance level on the bike to suit your strength.

If you feel like you’re riding through mud and compromising your posture’s integrity on the bike, it’s a sign you have too much tension — and no, it won’t get you results faster.

If you feel like your legs are spinning too quickly out of your control, you’ll also compromise your posture — which might mean you should add more tension.

Members of all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes, love our signature RIDE classes. They’re an excellent combination of cardio, strength training, and HIIT.

There’s no reason you should feel nervous before your first spin class. There will be music pumping, and you’ll have a coach to motivate you and the other members in the room cheering you on, too. At the end of the day, this class is about having fun and pushing past your discomfort.

We’re so excited to have you RIDE with us!

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Our signature RIDE classes are one of our most popular group fitness classes. Our online scheduling system can book you in for your class a week before the class date and as late as 30 minutes before class starts (if there’s room).

XTherapy is a Barre, HIIT, yoga and cycling studio located in downtown Edmonton. We have an excellent variety of classes to empower your mind, spirit, and body.


Come for your body. Stay for your mind.

We offer more than just weight loss coaching in Edmonton. We believe that a healthy body begins with a healthy mindset. XTherapy is a collective of instructors and members who look out for each other. Together, we’ll set fitness goals and crush them and move onto bigger and better heights.

Take your first steps to better health by connecting with us at XTherapy.